Was an amazing private tour with Demos.
He is the perfect guide. Although I was born in Athens , I saw and I learned a lot of new things.Was a wonderful experience and I suggest the Roll in Athens to everyone...
We really enjoyed our tour through Athens. It was a real pleasure and we can really recommend it! :)
The tour was amazing, we got to see so many different places and our guide was charming and very knowledgeable :)))
I went down to the office as suggested on the website to see if there were any free places for the evening ride but the office is in a small shopping mall which was all locked up. So after circling the block a few times to try to find if there was another entrance as well as trying to phone them, all with no luck, I used Facebook Messenger and immediately they responded. The issue, they explained is that they tend to be out on their bikes most of the time but are on-line, so a better way to get hold of them in a hurry. Perhaps they could highlight this on the website? Anyway, after this initial hiccup they bent over backwards to get something set-up and Lenia took me on a great tour of the city that evening. Upon my return I was taken to the balcony above the offices to meet Demos, the owner and to get some wine, raki and nibbles. Very charming company and a lovely end to the tour capped with a breath-taking view of the Acropolis at night. All in all a great way to see the main landmarks while at the same time working off some of those calories. For me it's also a really neat way to get your bearings and to identify the places to go back to and to see in more depth on foot. As I said, I only went on the evening ride with Lenia but I would also recommend the ride to the coast which takes you to the Stavros Niarchos Foundation Cultural Center. I used public transport to go there and it is an absolutely stunning building. The views from the roof are wonderful, both out to sea and landwards. Plus the air is fresher, maybe even a breeze to help you cool down. Highly recommended.
July heatwave, 45º didn't deter either the cyclists or the tour leader from conducting a 2-hour, 10-km bike tour of central Athens. The friendly tour leader imparts practical and historical information, stops frequently for talking and feedback, creates a bespoke experience according to the rider. All age groups and interests are catered for. By far the best way of navigating through the labyrinths of Plaka, Monastiraki, Thisseou. We cooled off in the shade of the botanical garden, cycled up to Pnyx and saw an art installation at the Observatory, and allowed plenty of time to explore the site off our bikes. On our return a refreshing snack of raw fruit and vegetables were offered with characteristic Greek hospitality. Truly an exceptional experience on state-of-the-art, well-maintained bicycles. Bravo!
This tour was th best thing to do in Athens! It was a very interesting tour through Athens by night. Demos and Ismene are amazing guides. Thanks alot!
Bicycling in Athens. A totally innovative idea!
We met ancient Athens of historical monuments and Democracy as well as modern Athens of culture and recreation, in a direct and attractive way. We have located small beautiful corners of the city away from the main tourist flow. Our guide, Demos, was extremely trained, friendly, pleasant, hospitable, with a great sense of humor. It will be unforgettable the closing of the tour, on the balcony of his apartment, with a spectacular view of Acropolis, eating honey donuts and drinking traditional “tsipouro”. I highly recommend this experience to anyone visiting the city.
Great tour of Athens downtown and down to the bay. The group was very small and our guide Demos told us about the sights and stories of things we were biking around. Highly recommend the tour!
Amazing tour! Our favorite activity in Athens was taking this bike tour. Our guide, Demos, was kind, patient, knowledgeable and gave us insight into modern Greece as well as the overall history of Athens. Truly a great experience and would recommend it to young and old. Thank you
My third tour with Roll in Athens
Yesterday our group of four did a bonanza tour of some of the historical highlights of Athens city center followed by a ride down to the coast, the impressive new Niarchos Cultural Centre, and back. We clocked up many kilometers but the route is relatively easygoing, so not really tired by the end of it. An exhilarating and delightful experience: definitely enhanced by the knowledge and humour of our gracious guide.
During my 6 days stay in Athens (September 2016) I had 3 tours booked with Roll in Athens: a walking tour with Kostas, the City to the Sea cycling tour with Lenia and the City Highlights cycling tour with Dimos. I'm very happy that I had these tours as they made my stay more pleasant. It would have been a shame to go to Athens and not to have a guide to tell me things about everything I saw there and also not to ride around the city and to discover it. With the help of Roll in Athens I had the chance to see more of Athens than I could have seen by myself or by walking around the city. All my 3 tours were great, full of useful info and details about Athens and it's history and also full of fun as Lenia, Dimos and Kostas are very nice people, friendly and hospitable. I enjoyed their company very much and I really felt like I'm with friends and not with someone that is simply doing his job. I would highly recommend Roll in Athens to anyone visiting this beautiful city.

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