Booking information and useful tips about cycling in Athens

Do I have to book a tour in advance?

Space is limited on our tours to keep group sizes small so we strongly recommend booking in advance. Please keep in mind that we spend most of our day riding our bikes, so you may not find our shop open if you haven't contacted us first. Please call us or contact us online beforehand!

What is your cancellation policy?

Due to limited space on our tours, our cancellation policy is as follows:

- More than 24 hours: Full refund
- Less than 24 hours: No refund is possible

Please Note: We may be able to reschedule your booking if unforeseen circumstances arise. This is based on tour availability.

What if it rains?

Athens is a Mediterranean city, and rain is so rare that it is generally welcome. However, we are prepared to do the tour even if it is raining (within reason, of course), and can provide you with light ponchos to help keep you dry. Nevertheless, if it is raining 2 hours prior to your tour and you don’t want to go out in the rain, just call us at (+30) 6974.231.611 or (+30) 6946.862.151 and we will happily refund your tour in full or try to reschedule if possible.

Please Note: June, July, August and September are typically the driest months of the year, but it is wise to bring along an extra layer just in case the forecast indicates a chance of rain

Where do the tours start and end?

Tours depart from and finish at the Roll In Athens office located at Voreou 10 Monastiraki, in downtown Athens. 

What time should I arrive for the tour? What if I’m late?

You should arrive no less than 15 minutes in advance of your tour departure time so that you have time to put on your gear and get any questions you may have answered.

Tips for cycling in Athens

Athens is not exactly a bike-friendly city, but on the other hand attitudes to cyclists have become much more aware and positive in recent years. Please remember the following:
- Athens remains a car-dominated city and the culture of the average Athenian vehicle driver can be summed up in the phrase “might makes right”. 
- In practice cars have absolute priority over both cyclists and pedestrians.
- Do not assume that you can cross a zebra crossing if a vehicle is approaching.
- Even at pedestrian crossings with traffic lights you are strongly advised to double check and make sure that, irrespective of the lights, all oncoming vehicles have actually stopped.
- Pedestrian ways and crossings are areas contested by pedestrians, cyclists, bikers and occasionally even cars and vans.