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Our guided bicycle tours provide an alternative sightseeing experience in Athens.

Roll in Athens

Bike Tours and Walking Tours in Athens

Whether you're coming just for a day or for a longer stay, exploring Athens by bike is a great way to visit the main historical sites and get the feel of this vibrant city, a lively culture and its people. Our tours are absolutely safe, the pace is very relaxed, and they are designed to offer a smooth, balanced introduction to both the history and the modern life of the city.

We will show you our favorite spots, including Greek and Roman monuments, Byzantine churches, Ottoman mosques, picturesque alleys and notable places that are not listed in the average guide book. We will give you a real insider's look into a city with a flavor all its own. Of course, we take breaks to enjoy the view, take photos and soak up the atmosphere.

Our personalized tours are unique in that we accommodate one to five individuals on each tour, allowing us to take into account each person's particular needs and desires. We believe we can make everyone happy.

Our people come from diverse backgrounds with a variety of interests, and share a passion for Athens ancient and modern. We are keen to share our love for the city and all its attractions with you. You can set your own pace and also inquire about tours in languages other than English. All bookings, requests and questions are responded to by return email. Seniors are very welcome. Come join us!

Walking Tours

Walking Tours - Family Time

Experience the city on foot!
Our guides can walk you through Athens, showing you around some of the less well-known attractions of the city. Enjoy the city's past and present with the help of our inside knowledge. Contact us to create a tour tailored to your needs and interests.

Night Tours

Night Tour photo - Wind Tower

Cycling at night offers you an alternative and cooler perspective on the city's monuments and ancient sites.
If you prefer we can arrange a tour that will give you a taste of Athens' nightlife (your taste or ours).

After the tour

After Tour - Our Terrace After Tour - our mascot cat Ziggy After Tour - enjoying a snack with an Acropolis view After Tour - cheers under the Acropolis

Join us for an after-tour glass of wine and light refreshments while viewing the Acropolis from our office premises.
You will also meet Ziggy, our mascot cat!
We are located in Monastiraki. Leaving here, you can stroll around the neighborhood, one of the hottest spots of the city.

Senior citizens are very welcome

We offer our guests an after-tour snack

Our maximum five-per-guide groups ensure a personalized tour experience

Bicycling in Athens. A totally innovative idea!We met ancient Athens of historical monuments and Democracy as well as modern Athens of culture and recreation, in a direct and attractive way. We have located small beautiful corners of the city away from the main tourist flow. Our guide, Demos, was extremely trained, friendly, pleasant, hospitable, with a great sense of humor. It will be unforgettable the closing of the tour, on the balcony of his apartment, with a spectacular view of Acropolis, eating honey donuts and drinking traditional “tsipouro”. I highly recommend this experience to anyone visiting the city.
An experience not to be missed!We took the City to Sea Bike Tour on the last day of our holiday in Athens. The weather was not too hot and the bikes were in great condition making our tour a safe and a very enjoyable experience. From Monastiraki Square and the Ancient Agora in the historic centre of Athens, along the train tracks and the legendary Ilissos river, and through the newly built Opera House to the Flisvos Marina our tour was a journey in time and space combining modern and ancient elements. Our guides, Dimos and Lenia, were very knowledgeable, friendly and great companions! They introduced us to various aspects of the city of Athens and answered all our questions. Our tour ended with drinks and snacks overlooking the Acropolis from the roof terrace of the office’s premises. A scene of breathtaking beauty and an ideal location for reflecting on the day’s experience and our wonderful holiday in Athens! The City to Sea Bike is a great value for money and we would recommend it to everyone who would prefer to experience Athens as a guest rather than a mere tourist. Many thanks to the Roll in Athens team for your great hospitality!
Lydia & Stefano
Best of Athens by NightCycling at night really opened up the city for me! History and a sense of the interlinking of art, architecture, and change really enhanced the understanding of what has and is going on. This is to share my enthusiasm and endorsement for the delights and fun of Roll in Athens. On a gentle night cycle tour with the animated and personable Demos, we were able to cover a significant part of central Athens while staying safely on the sidewalk and out of harms way. The pace was easy enough to absorb the different neighbourhoods, the commentary was tailored, andthe city past and present came alive. Our friendly and enthusiastic guide made all the difference. I would unreservedly recommend Roll in Athens to all!
david k
A well made tour of Athens and the Athens riviera! The experience was great, fit for everyone. Our guide Dimos, was very enthousiastic with the tour and had fantastic knowledge of Athens history. The bikes are in perfect condition, new ones and really easy to ride. Its a value for money tour that one should not miss. What is best about the tour is that the guide can help you understand Athens culture and can show you hidden spots that even Athenians dont know.
Evropi Koy
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Our stylish city "Ezigo" bikes are made in Greece by Greece’s leading bike manufacturer, Ideal Bikes SA. They have a simple ergonomic design, upright seating posture, light aluminum frame and smooth mechanics.

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